Netherhall School-the home of the Jandor School of Dancing. Monday classes are in the Dance Studio & Dining Hall. Tuesday Classes are in the Dance Studio. The dining hall is at the front of the school adjacent to the car park, the Dance Studio is upstairs in the sports centre, reached through the reception area. Ask reception for directions if unsure.
4.00 Tiny Tots Ballet
4.30 Primary Ballet
5.00 Junior Ballet
5.40 Junior Tap
5.30 Inter Gymnastics
6.50 Advanced Ballet
7.30 Adult & Senior Tap
4.00 Junior Gymnastics
4.40 Inter Production
6.10 Senior Ballet
6.00 Senior Gymnastics
Production Classes generally include Freestyle, Modern Jazz, Theatre Craft, Basic Gymnastics, and Senior Production includes Lyrical.
6.45 Senior Production
Gymnastic Dance Classes use this mat to give pupils confidence when learning gymnastics skills.
Monday-Dining Hall
Tuesday-Dance Studio
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